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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Back to School Essentials

       Back to school is right around the corner and what better way to kick things off than with cute one of a kind gifts. Zazzle offer customization that causes your child to feel loved and valued, as well as serving as a means of protecting their items from being “borrowed” by other students and not returned. 

Personalized Pencils
 The first item are Personalized pencils. These high quality pencils are great for back to school. You can personalize these pencils with your child's name, class year, even a picture. Makes a unique design and show them how special they are to you throughout the school day. The pencils have a minimum order of two. They are standard #2 pencils that has a slightly thicker diameter than your regular pencil. Colorful printing makes a vibrant design. Play around with filters, font, and text. My store have 17 beautifully crafted pencils you can choose from. Check some of them out below. 

 Pink Stars Personalized Pencils

         My best selling pencils to date, these pencils will make your little girl will feel special. Featuring a white backdrop adorn in pink stars, the name of your princess can be written in bright pink font (or color of your choice). You are free to change the size, color, and type of font used if you decide you want something different from the default. Explore for back to school today. 

Blue Stars Personalized Pencils

        The equivalent to the pink stars personalized pencil, these will make the perfect back to school item for your little boy. Featuring vibrant blue stars on a white background, customize his name using the feature template. 

Pencil Cases

        Pencil Cases With over 7 different designs to choose from in my shop, store all of your writing utensils in one place using these personalized pencil cases. The inside of the case is lined with black nylon fabric, with a full zipper enclosure. The outside of the case features sturdy canvas which brings the design to life. 

Crayon Design Personalize Pencil Case

         Featuring bright and colorful crayons on a white background, you can personalize your child's name in red inside of the black outlined label box. The black border of the label contrast perfectly with the black zipper enclosure. The red font is perfect for highlighting the name. Play around with filters and font for added customization. 

Pretty Pink Stars

       What I like best about this pencil case is that I matches the pink stars pencil that was showcased above. What better way than to get a matching pencil case that complements the pencils? 

Bright Blue Stars
           This pencil case also complements the blue stars pencils discussed earlier. Perfect for back to school, your child will fall in love with this item. Matching pencil and pencil cases, how cool is that?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

7 Awesome Zazzle gifts for your co-worker MissRhoadie

         Your co-worker's birthday is right around the corner and you are searching for the best gift.  Make their birthday memorable with a customized gift this year. 

       Customization is a great way to add an extra touch of uniqueness to an otherwise ordinary gift. Your co-worker will feel special and valued. With easy to fill in templates check out these 7 awesome Zazzle gifts for your co-worker below.

Business Card Holders        
      Perfect for the workplace, you co-worker likely have business cards in need of display. What better way to display them than with these beautifully designed business card holders. Decorative and professional, these cases includes a snap enclosure and an interior made of velvet like material. The metal design offer added protection and the customized design will leave a great lasting impression on clients and associates. Check them out below!
Coffee Mugs 
        If your co-worker love to start their day off with a hot cup of coffee, than a coffee mug is a great gift for them. Add a special treat to these coffee mugs by filling them with yummy coffee samples, various candy treats, or their favorite cookies. The skies the limit with how you can personalize these mugs to your co-worker's taste. Think of the items they may need to get through the work day. Choose from 7 different mug designs.
Charging Station 

         A must have for today's electronic devices is a portable charging station. This super charging station provides an optimal charge for a variety of usb devices. Your co-worker can even charge up to 7 devices simultaneously using this one power source. No more clutter from extra cables and lengthy cords. The perfect size for the office, customize one today!
Personalized Ink Pens 

     Does your co-worker often experience a shortage of ink pens? Well they will never have to worry about their pen mysteriously growing legs and walking away. These personalized pens not only identifies who they belong to but they also come in a variety of colors and styles. Choose from various colors of ink.
Cool Post it Notes 

       A break from the mundane, these post it notes are truly one of a kind. Add an inspirational quote if you choose. You can even add a cool picture of your co-worker to further make it one of a kind.
Lemonade/Hot Cocoa 
        Lemonade for the summer, hot cocoa for the winter this is the perfect gift for beverage lovers. The professional design combined with personalization options adds a customized touch to this gift item.

      Organization is key to a productive day at the office, so keep all of your papers in one spot with these stylish clipboards. Displaying printing on both sides, the sky is the limit when it comes to customizing.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

Customize these Clipboards MissRhoadie

     Great for the office, these clipboards are easy to customize.  Featuring a variety of designs and themes, MissRhoadie has a clipboard for every individual taste.  Customize yours today.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Homeschool Mom Buttons MissRhoadie

      A great way to show the world that you are a proud homeschool mom, these buttons feature a variety of designs that are eye catching and one of a kind.  Great for fashion accessories, fundraising, and spreading homeschool awareness, check them out below.

Pink Diva