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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tutorial for Text Customization on Zazzle's Otterbox Phone Case MissRhoadie

       In this tutorial you will learn how to customize your Zazzle Otterbox Phone Case.  Specifically, you will learn how to customize text using Zazzle's design tools.  These otterbox cases cover iphone, samsung, google pixel, etc. 

Phone case in the tutorial: Otterbox Case

New Year's Party Earrings

         Great for your New Year's celebration these party earrings are unforgettable. Available in stud or drop earring style this design features a black background with beautiful blue fireworks.  The year "2018" is displayed in light blue.  The text can be changed to reflect any year as well as a variety of font colors and types.  Check them out today.  

Friday, December 8, 2017

How to customize your Otterbox phone case by Zazzle: MissRhoadie Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to customize your Otterbox phone case by Zazzle.  Zazzle has so many built in features that allows customization such as filters, text, and image options.  Let us explore them below.

Sale on Otterbox Phone Cases: MissRhoadie

      Today, December 8, 2017, Zazzle is having a sale on Otterbox Phone Cases.  With 20% off, choose cases to protect mobile devices such as the Apple Iphone X, Apple Iphone8/7, Apple Iphone8/7 Plus, Apple Iphone 6, Samsung Galaxy 8/8+ , Google Pixel/Google Pixel XL and so much more.

Choose from a variety of Device options

Apple IphoneX
Samsung galaxy 8
Google Pixel


       These amazing Otterbox phone cases feature a lovely pink and blue ombre design.  The top of the case is a fuchsia pink shade and cleverly blends into blue.  These sturdy cases protect the phone from bumps, drops, and shocks.  You can even customize them however you like.  Check out some of the awesome built in filters below.

Amazing Filters

Black and White

Add your name or photo

The sky's the limit to how you can customize these amazing cases.  Add your name, photo, etc. to the case.   

Here I on the left selected "Apple iphoneX" under device type and selected "Symmetry" for style.  I selected "mix berry jam" for the shell color.  

I then clicked customize and added a photo stock to display how beautiful family photos look on the phone.  I then added "Love" in the upper right hand corner with the "Blooming Elegant" font.

On the right I also selected Applie iphone X for device and "Symmetry" for style.  I used "muted waters" for the shell color.  The text is also using "Blooming Elegant" font which is centered with my name.  

Stay tuned for my step by step tutorial on how I did these customizations.  

Purchase this case by clicking here today! 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Panda Holiday Theme T-Shirts MissRhoadie

           Below is a lovely Christmas Panda t-shirt theme.  This panda features a red and white Santa styled hat with a green mistletoe on the right side of it.  The panda is wearing a red and white polka dot bow tie.  In addition to it's holiday inspired clothes the lovable bear is holding a candy cane and have red and blue Christmas ornaments at it's feet.  

          Christmas t-shirts for the whole family, this first panda design is features on a long sleeved women's shirt.  This basic long white t-shirt is available in a dozen colors such as light blue, yellow, black, red, and green.  If you choose you can even change the style to men, children, and infant sizes.

        Listed below is an Adorable Christmas Panda baby's jersey styled bodysuit.  With a three snap enclosure diaper changes will be quick and easy.  The panda itself is presented in the center of the bodysuit with a place to customize baby's name in red cursive font.  

Adorable Christmas Panda
Adorable Christmas Panda
by MissRhoadie1981

      Also available in plus sizes, the panda theme continues.  This sweatshirt is created using french terry fabric.  So comfortable and soft, this sweatshirt features a  banded bottom with ragland styled sleeves.  This shirt runs true to size.  

New Year's Eve Party Black and Gold Invitations

         New Year 2018 is right around the corner.  Bring in the New Year in a big way with these lovely black and gold designed party invitations.  The first invitation is an Elegant Black and Gold New Year Invitation.  This design features a black background with a gold heart seamless pattern.  The information is written on a bright golden label template.  All information can be completed using fill in the blank templates.

          The next New Year's Eve invitation features a black and brown polka dot design.  With different shades of brown dotes such as beige, tan, medium and dark brown, a golden colored frame lists all of your pertinent information.  With font written in chic black style, order your party invitations today!  

        Continuing with the Gold and Black New Year 2018 theme, these invitations features gold champagne glasses on a black background.  Very classy and in the party spirit a large gold frame encloses your party information. 

       Presented by CardHunter, these Trendy Gold Glitter New Year's eve Party Card features a faux gold foil confetti style design bordering this black rectangle shaped invitation.  With the information also written in gold the back of the card features an image of gold glitter.  No actual glitter was used in this design.

      Take a time machine back to the 1920s with this Great Gatsby Party theme Black and Gold invitation.  These jazzy invitations incorporate this powerful time in history.  A great way to throw a New Year's Party, visit WOWWOWMEOW today.  
        If you are looking for a slimmer design, this contemporary  design features a black background with gold artwork.  With fine gold script for your text, this invitation features gold champagne glasses with the bubbles floating.  The bottom features colorful red, purple, green and yellow confetti.  Designed by Squirrel Hunter, place your order today!  

Earrings for Women: New Year's 2018 Edition

       Are you looking for beautiful earrings for women?  Well look 
no further.  Earrings for the New Year occasion check out these designs below.

       Pictured below are the perfect party earrings for bringing in the New Year.  These stud earrings features a blue background exploding with fireworks.  The upcoming year is customized in lovely light blue standard font.   The easy to use template makes customization a breeze.

New Years Party Blue Fireworks
New Years Party Blue Fireworks

        A lovely counterpart to the New Years Stud design are these "Celebrate the New Year Blue Fireworks" drop earrings. The same design as the stud edition, these dangle earrings will go with a variety of outfits. With it's blue firework design and "2018" written in the center using templates, personalize your today!

Celebrate the New Year Blue Fireworks
Celebrate the New Year Blue Fireworks

      The great thing about these earrings is that your can wear them all year long.  Long after the New Year's party is over, you can wear these earrings as every day wear.   In addition, these earrings will be a great gift for a graduate of the class of 2018.